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How to submit Payment

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How do I submit a payment for my order?



Just follow these easy steps to send your payment:

  1.  Login to your online bank

  2.  Select the option to 'email money transfer' or 'e-transfer' -- Found in the transfer/payment menu

  3.  Use admin@canadavapes.com as the payment recipient

  4.  Create a security Question (Can be anything you like)

  5.  Make sure the ANSWER to the security question is: canadavapes

  6.  Again, ensure ANSWER --All lower case, All one word: canadavapes

It usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour for the email to arrive to us, and can take up to 12 hours for us to accept the payment as it has to be done manually.  Once it is accepted, your order will update to processing.

 For more information on Email Money transfers, click here:


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