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Battery Charging

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Do the batteries come fully charged?


Do the batteries come fully charged?


The batteries we sell come with a half charge, which is the recommended way to keep them during storage.  When you receive your battery, it is a good idea to charge it up fully as soon as it arrives.


  • On EGO and T-Rex batteries, the LED light on the charger will be GREEN when there is no battery plugged in, and will turn to RED when the battery is charging, then back to GREEN once the battery is fully charged.
  • On 510 style batteries, the light on the battery will turn on when charging, then turn off when charge is complete, and/or the LED light on the charger will turn RED when charging and turn GREEN when complete.

All batteries sold are lithium ion, and they do not hold a memory.  You do not have to fully discharge them every time. 



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