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What is direct dripping? What is Dripping?

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What is dripping/direct dripping?


What is Direct Dripping?


Direct dripping, sometimes just called dripping for short, is an 'old school' technique of dripping e-liquid right onto the atomizer as needed.  It used to be one of the more popular methods to vape,  and many argue it still provides the truest and purest taste, however due to its overall difficulty, few people do it.  The advent of different clearomizers, glassomizers, etc. Have made direct dripping less popular.


How to direct Drip:


1.  Using a 510 atomizer, remove the mouthpiece (or use a drip tip instead of a mouthpiece)

2.  Drip 2-3 drops of e-liquid right onto your atomizer

3.  Replace mouthpiece.


The kits we sell that can be direct dripped are:

510 starter kit, EGO starter kit, and T-Rex starter kit.




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