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Orange arrow What is the difference between the manual and automatic 510 battery?

  What is the difference between a manual and automatic 510 battery? The manual 510 battery has a button on its side that you push and hold to activate the heating element. The automatic battery has a sensor in the top (a tiny hole) that senses when you start to draw and activates the battery...
Orange arrow Do the batteries come fully charged?

  Do the batteries come fully charged? The batteries we sell come with a half charge, which is the recommended way to keep them during storage. When you receive your battery, it is a good idea to charge it up fully as soon as it arrives. On EGO and T-Rex batteries, the LED light on the cha...
Orange arrow Why is my Clearomizer or Glassomizer leaking/gurgling?

  When you have a leaking issue from the bottom of the clearomizer/glassomizer or you are hearing a gurgling sound usually means that liquid has leaked into your accessories airway. This can be caused by forcefully vaping or the coil is not installed tightly. First you will want to blow the acce...
Orange arrow What is the difference between a CE4 and CE5 clearomizer?

  The CE4 clearomizer comes with a wick inside of the clearomizer. The wicks purpose is to soak the liquid and make it travel to the heating coil which is located at the top of the CE4, this can sometimes cause dry hits if the wick does not have any liquid on it. The CE5 has no wicks and has a heati...
Orange arrow What is dripping/direct dripping?

  What is Direct Dripping? Direct dripping, sometimes just called dripping for short, is an 'old school' technique of dripping e-liquid right onto the atomizer as needed. It used to be one of the more popular methods to vape, and many argue it still provides the truest and purest taste, however...
Orange arrow How do I submit a payment for my order?

  Just follow these easy steps to send your payment: Login to your online bank Select the option to 'email money transfer' or 'e-transfer' -- Found in the transfer/payment menu Use admin@canadavapes.com as the payment recipient Create a security Question (Can be anything you like...

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