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Orange arrow Why is my Clearomizer or Glassomizer leaking/gurgling?

  When you have a leaking issue from the bottom of the clearomizer/glassomizer or you are hearing a gurgling sound usually means that liquid has leaked into your accessories airway. This can be caused by forcefully vaping or the coil is not installed tightly. First you will want to blow the acce...
Orange arrow Troubleshooting my 510/EGO/T-Rex battery

  Troubleshooting techniques for you 510 and EGO batteries. Ensure battery is not locked (EGO & T-Rex Models): Both the EGO and T-Rex batteries have a 5 click to lock/unlock feature. This allows you to lock them if you are going to put them your pocket or purse,or anywhere they could accid...
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Orange arrow Where can I find the instructions for your products?

  Due to the fact that the instructions that the manufactures provide are very poorly written, confusing, and hard to understand, we have created our own online instruction page available here: http://www.canadavapes.com/instructions/ Just choose your product, and read through th...
Orange arrow I have something on shopping cart I don't want. How do I remove it?

  How do I remove something from my shopping cart? 1. Click on SHOPPING CART -- Top right menu from any page. 2. To completely remove an item, select the check box to the left of the photo of the item. 3. At the bottom left of the page, click the blue "UPDATE" button. You can also ...
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