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Orange arrow I have just started to vape, why is the vapour so harsh?

  When you first start to vape our bodies natural defense is to react to something that is not air or a sensation that it has never encountered before. This will go away once you get more familiar with vaping. Another issue could be that the nicotine you have selected is to strong. You may want to lo...
Orange arrow How much e-liquid will I use every day? Week? Month?

  This all depends on what set up you are using. If you are sub ohming you can go through a lot more liquid then someone that is using a pen style vaporizer. With the pen style the average is a 30ml every 2 weeks with constant usage. Where someone that is using a sub ohm set up can go through a 30ml ...
Orange arrow What are reward points? How do I use them?

  Reward points are a Canada Vapes currency that you can use whenever you would like. We have a page that contains everything you need to know about them and you can visit it at the link below. http://canadavapes.com/reward-points-explained When you are at the checkout in our online store, th...
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